On-site Runner Guidelines

By showing off your run at BSG, we expect you to follow the rules mentioned in these guidelines. If anything is unclear, please contact Rasschla#3979 on Discord.

These rules apply to both you and your co-commentators. Make sure that they are aware of these rules as well.

Preparation for the run:

  • You need to be on-site at least 1,5 hour before your run is scheduled to start.
  • If you would like to have your pronouns displayed next to your name, make sure that you have them filled in on speedrun,com, as that is where we will pull your data from. If you have different desires or would love to know what -is- displayed, feel free to contact one of our staff. Displaying pronouns are completely optional.
  • Additionally, we capture your username data from Oengus. Make sure that your username on Oengus is capitalized correctly to your liking, as that will be your username. Your Twitch name on Oengus will also be used for both Vods & stream display. Make sure that is up to date.

For runs on console:

  • Bring a legitimate console, controller, and a legitimate copy of the game (or a flash card if leaderboards allow it) to the event. Also bring the required cables such as power cables and video/audio cables.
  • If you’re using a DS/3DS capture, don’t forget to bring the necessary product IDs to use the software.
  • In general, emulators are not allowed. However, exceptions may apply (see “Submission guidelines”) to this rule. In that case, make sure Organizing has approved your usage of an emulator.

For runs on PC:

  • We have a PC available for use during the marathon, including mouse and keyboard. If you prefer your own peripherals/PC, you can use those as well.
  • Download/Install the game on the Marathon PC in advance (communicate to Tech).
  • If you want to install your game on the marathon PC on-site, please contact a senior tech in advance. They will find an appropriate time slot for you to do so.
    • The marathon PC does not have a DVD drive. Make sure that if your game comes on a disc, that you rip it to a USB drive in advance, and bring this with you.

During the run:

  • Keep your commentary PG-13 at all times. This means no swearing of any kind. Additionally, do not explicitly talk about any non PG-13 related topics that happen in-game.
  • Keep away from topics that are sensitive. This includes things like politics, religion and other “hot button” items. This includes any form, be it on commentary or through other means.
  • Follow the instructions of the staff/volunteer on duty.
  • Keep your commentary in English.
  • We strongly encourage you to turn off your and BSG/ESA’s chat during the run. This to maximize the focus on the speedrun.
  • We recommend doing the intro/outro and shoutouts while the timer is running
last update: March 6th, 2021

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